What We

Take 1 - Digital

Digital Marketing

Social Media

Social Media is not about exploitation of technology, but service to the community. Our knowledge and love for trends aligns us as the best team to handle your social media marketing needs. From creating concepts, to designing and uploading to social media platforms. Get analysis of your performance on these platforms for FREE and start your journey of digital growth with the best recommendations.

Search Engine Marketing

“Google it” This is the new culture when one hears about a new trend, brand, product or service they’ve never heard of. Set your business up for success by aligning and ranking it among top positions on all search engines.. Be seen “FIRST”. Set up Display Ads across the Google Display Network and let your brand pop-up on Apps, other people’s websites and YouTube. We recently got introduced to a new Digital advertising system called ESKIMI DSP.

Website Development

As we mentioned earlier, Digital is not a TREND, it is the future. The sooner we embrace it, the better we shall be in the Business world. Are you having a store, hotel, tourism business, school, you name it. Carry your store and set it up online. Manage orders and receive payments online, track visitors and answer all queries all at a stroke of a button. Let’s set your business up for success with a fully functional and optimized website.

Take 2 - Content Creation


Still Graphics

Exhibiting your products online requires beautiful well curated content. Give your brand the artistic professional look it deserves. We also provide branding for products. Are you looking for the right packaging for your confectionaries, detergent soap or want to simply upgrade the look, we are the TEAM. With professional software and all rights put into consideration, your brand will stand out.


“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.” – Walt Disney

Brand Identity (Logos)

With everything you have to do in your business, it can be easy to ask yourself if your company logo really matters all that much. I mean, you have so much on your plate. You’ve got to get the product right. You’ve got to find customers. You’ve got to pay employees. Does your logo really make a difference?

In short: YES

When it comes to business, a logo functions as a way for customers to recognize and remember you. Let’s Set you Up. Click here

Take 3 - Information Technology

Information Tech

Purchase Recommendations

Are you looking to purchase computers for your business, new office, school or even for your own entertainment like gaming and watching movies, look no further, we listen to your needs, and identify the right computer for you. Do NOT fall for the wrong machine. Speak to US. We shall take you step by step. We also have trusted suppliers incase you require a purchase too. You can also Click Here to view our Store for any accessories you may require. 

Operating Systems & Software

What is your Operating system of choice? Are you a Windows 11 user yet, or still enjoying Windows 10 like us here. Our designer will say otherwise because he is rocking MacOS High Sierra (that Show off). We shall set you up with the right Operating system after reviewing your hardware components and you will then enjoy your computer hassle free. Get antiviruses, Microsoft Office Suite, Browsers, Media Players, VPNs for Desktop, etc

Repair & Maintenance

If it’s broken, let’s help fix it. Get in touch with some of Uganda’s leading tech-savvy’s and you will be amazed by how incredibly amusing it is to fix your appliances issues. Get genuine parts and service tags for your  equipment. If its got a circuit board, its not for disposal until our team signs it off.